Platonic Romance: Chimera or Reality?

Platonic LovePlatonic romance ? is it a relationship that misses something or is it more elevated than the typical intimate attachment between two people? Everyone has heard of the term but many people lack a clear understanding of platonic love and all its components.

Platonic Love Explained

The term platonic love was coined by the Greek philosopher Plato. According to Plato, this form of love is a purely emotional and spiritual experience. It involves no physical attraction and passion.

Platonic love is a connection between intellects. Two people enjoy each other’s presence, the conversations and the similar ideas that they share. The feelings are very intense but everything takes place in the emotional realm. Bodies are absolutely uninvolved and sexual tension will never interfere with a platonic relationship.

This kind of love is believed by many to be more intimate and more relaxed than the turbulent passion that gives birth to traditional sexual intimacy. Feelings are just as strong and people in a platonic relationship do love each other dearly. The belief here, however, is that love can take place on spiritual level without having to involve the physical aspect of romance.

Is Platonic Love Better?

The Pros and the Cons Just like any other relationship, platonic romance can bring both joy and sorrow. Only people who have experienced this kind of connection know how intricate it can be.

Most people can think of numerous advantages related to platonic love. Sex has the power to intensify the relationship between two people but it may also cause the end of a love story. Missing the sexual tension will allow the two individuals to connect on a whole new level and to understand each other much better.

Many people who are in a traditional marriage understand the benefits of a platonic relationship, as well. Romance that lacks the emotional and spiritual connection is usually short-lived. People who find no pleasure and stimulation in each other’s company will have difficulties being a couple for a long period of time.

Platonic love will also allow two people to know each other so much better. They listen, they share and they begin understanding each other’s thinking and emotionality. Opening up emotionally can be much more difficult than having a sexual relationship. Platonic love teaches individuals to share and to be there for somebody else.

Are there any disadvantages? Naturally, platonic love can be very unfulfilling for some ladies and gentlemen.

People in a platonic relationship can develop romantic sentiments for each other. This is when the tension starts building up and the encounters become uncomfortable and painful.

Over-dependency in Platonic Love

Over-dependency is also a common disadvantage. The tie may become so strong that individuals will have difficulties going through the day without sharing with a platonic partner and getting some feedback or encouragement. A platonic romance can be so much stronger than having a lover.

How to have a Healthy Platonic Relationship? A platonic relationship can be a wonderful thing, as long as one knows how to nourish and experience it.? Talking in advance about it is of essential importance. Getting the sexual tension out of the way and being open about emotions will determine the success of the platonic romance. Otherwise, at least one of the individuals in the relationship will be suffering.

Choosing platonic friends very carefully is just as important. Often, individuals get tempted into sharing secrets, fears and hopes with the wrong people. Entrusting them with such intimate information makes individuals very vulnerable. A platonic relationship involves a lot of emotional dependence and it needs to happen with the right partner.

Close friends should consider the benefits of a platonic relationship before getting involved in anything else. A true friendship will end after it turns into a sexual relationship. If the romance fails, the friendship will never be the same. This is why a platonic romance can be so much better for people who want to keep the lovely connection that they have already built. Platonic?love can be liberating rather than limiting.

Some people are capable of having a platonic relationship, others find it impossible to sustain. It all depends on emotionality and on discovering the right partner. Platonic romance exists and it is real. In today’s world that is overly focused on sex, a connection like platonic love that lacks an erotic dimension can be deeper, stronger and less straining.

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