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Platonic Relationship DefinitionPlatonic relationship definition can be difficult; however, many people have this style of relationship and it works extremely well for them. This form of relationship has been under a huge amount of debate for many years, and some people feel platonic relationships are not really possible. However, it is possible to maintain a relationship with the opposite sex, but there do need to be boundaries and rules.

Once you both understand how to behave in the relationship it can be a immensely rewarding and successful. The bonds that can be formed between people are incredibly strong; therefore, no relationship should be taken lightly. The different relationships, which you can form can be difficult to understand; however, once you understand the definition of the platonic relationship, you will be able to move forward.

Rules: A Key Part Of The Platonic Type Relationship Definition

The platonic attraction, which you may feel towards someone of the opposite sex may be strong, however, not sexual. Often these feelings are hard to explain, and for some people, they become confusing, which can make you uncomfortable. However, simply put, the feelings you have are highly similar to the relationship you have with your closest friends.

There are typically many different reasons why you enjoy spending time together, and yet there is no sexual attraction to this person. You may feel comfortable in their presence, and enjoy the conversations which you have. Platonic relationships can work for many people, and you will be surprised how successful they are all over the world.

Defining the boundaries and understanding the platonic relationship definition is essential for the relationship to work. Being comfortable with your feelings and needs for the relationship will make it far stronger. Understanding what you want to gain from the relationship is also hugely beneficial, and ensuring that the other person feels the same is vital.

Communication is vital from the beginning of any platonic relationship, and you will need to talk to each other, and express your expectations. Sometimes one person may find it difficult to have a platonic relationship; therefore, the relationship will break down. However, for many people it works exceedingly well, and their relationships are ideal.

The main factors that platonic relationships fail to work are the deep feelings that both men and woman naturally have for each other. Often there is no way to avoid this attraction, and many friendships are destroyed by these sexual feelings. Many platonic relationships do go on to become something far more and this is brilliant if both parties agree. However, if only one person wants more, it can lead to massive problems.

Affection And The Platonic Relationships Definition

Physical boundaries and body language can play a part in how the platonic type of relationship definition is received. Many people are extremely affectionate towards everyone, and other people may find this strange; however, you need to base a relationship on how you feel not on other people?s opinions. Platonic relationships can be supremely successful, and many people are finding them to be fulfilling.

If you find that you have a fantastic platonic relationship with the opposite sex, and there are no sexual feelings this can be the basis for an incredible relationship. You will remain friends for many years, and experience your lives together. There will be ups and downs as with any relationship and this is normal and to be expected.






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  1. it is very confusing and uncomfortable to feel closenes… sometimes I am trying to ignore him and when he ignores it is very painfull…. we live so close that there is no way for us not to see each other…. difficult hated it…

  2. Best thing is to get in touch with your inner being so that inner and outer can be brought back into balance.

  3. Platonic relationships have become a regular in my life and I’m very grateful. I find myself happier and even physically healthier.

  4. i have unconsciously found my self in this platonic love. get me onto a healthy track please.


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